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DFONT stands for Data Fork True Type and its file extension is DFONT. It is a special type of True Type font wrapper used on Apple Macintosh systems running Mac OS X. It was replaced with True Type collection format. In Apple Mac operating system such as Mac OS 9, file data is stored in two entities called resource fork and the data fork. But with Mac OS X Apple decided to move away from the concept of forks and it was converted into resource map in the data fork. It was released in the year 2009 and is compatible with Mac OS X.

TTF stands for True Type Font and its file extension TTF. It is a font file format developed by Apple and Microsoft in the year 1980 as a competitor for Type 1 Fonts used in Postscript by Adobe system. Both Apple and Microsoft use TTF as raster font format and it can be scaled to any size without losing quality or pixel size. It is the most commonly used font format on the classic Mac OS, Mac OS, and Windows operating systems.

The best way to convert your DFONT to TTF

The best way to converting your files is using this particular online converter. You can convert your file easily and it is accessible on all computers. Click on the upload button and upload your file and click on the convert button. Your converted file will be displayed on the screen. And now click on the download button to download the file to your computer.

Convert DFONT to TTF online

Converting files are always a time consuming and for converting files we need special plug-ins or software to be installed on your computers.  And installing such programs is time-consuming and needs a lot of space to save converter software. But using this online convert can do you work within no time and you can also save a lot of space on your computer.

Why should I convert?

DFONT is compatible with Apple Mac OS X only. TTF is most preferred font format by Mac OS X. TTF format is compatible with both Windows and Mac. TTF format displays same on screen and in print no matter what size or style you select. TTF files are mostly used for business office use and less reliable for publishing applications. DFONT format is used for both business use and publishing in Mac OS X.

The safe DFONT converter

Using online converter is never been safe but this particular online converter is safe and easy to use. We don’t obtain any access rights to your file. We make sure that your file and information in it is secure. You can use this online converter on any computer with a good Internet connection.