Convert FLV to 3GP

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What is FLV?

FLV file stands for flash video and this file can be used with the support of Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Air to transmit video/audio over the Internet. Flash Video is the most standard video format used for embedded video on the Internet including the videos found on YouTube and many more websites. However, many streaming services have dropped Flash in favor of HTML5, FLV, and F4V.

What is 3GP?

The 3GP is a multimedia file format used to save the audio and video files in a container format developed by the Third Generation partnership project. It is used to store the audio and video streams that are transmitted between 3G phones and the Internet. It is commonly used on 3G phones and also supported in some 2G and 4G phones. 

How to convert FLV to 3GP?

  1. Paste URL in the dialogue box or drag the file and drop the file in the dialogue box.
  2. Click on the convert button to convert FLV to 3GP.
  3. Once the file conversion is completed. The converted file will be displayed on the web page.
  4. Click on the download button to download the converted file.

The best way to convert FLV to 3GP

The online converters are the best way to convert the FLV file to 3GP. This particular website helps the users to easily convert the FLV to 3GP and download the file. Using the converter software is very risky and also causes many issues like a virus, data theft, ads, etc. Converting FLV to 3GP online has a lot of benefits. It is easy to convert in just a few steps, consumes less time for conversion, and saves a lot of space on the PC. For online file conversion, we just need good Internet connection and PC.

How to Convert FLV to 3GP online:

Using an online converter is very easy. Just upload or paste the URL in the dialogue box and click on the convert button. The converted file will be displayed on the screen and by clicking the download button you can save the converted file.

Why should I convert?

The FLV files work through the Internet and with the support of Adobe Flash Player only. It consumes a lot of space and time while file sharing. The users are choosing other file formats. FLV files cannot be supported on the phones, so by converting FLV into the 3GP file. It can be easily accessed on the phone and saves a lot of space and time.

We keep your file safe:

We make sure the files you uploaded on our website are secure and safe. We don’t obtain any access rights of your file. Using this online convert is safer and accessed on any computer with an Internet connection.