Free Online PDF to Word Converter

Free Online PDF to Word Converter

What is PDF?

PDF is known as Portable Document Format and its file extension is PDF. PDF is developed by Adobe systems in the year 1990 to reach two things.

  1. People should be able to open PDF documents in any hardware or operating system with need of PDF reader.
  2. Wherever people open PDF documents, it’s layout should be same by look wise

PDF files can contain images, text, hyperlinks, embedded fonts, video, forms, interactive buttons …. Etc.

What is Word or DOC?

DOC is known as Document file used by Microsoft Word and its file extensions are .doc and .docx. A DOC file contains formatted text, images, graphs, charts, tables, page formatting, print settings …. Etc.

How to convert from PDF to Word?

To converting PDF file to Microsoft Word documents, in the world so many document editing programs are there like OpenOffice, LibreOffice. But most of the people can‘t understand this type of programs, so instead of these we can use online converters like in this website simple you can upload PDF file and get word file in seconds.

Steps to Convert PDF to Word online

  1. Select the PDF file from your computer what you need to convert
  2. This converter of PDF to Word will take all the formatting and text from your PDF and convert it into a Word document.
  3. The Word document will be display to download in PDF to Word converter page.
  4. After clicking on ‘Download’ button Word document will be automatically save in your computer.
  5. After 1 hour your submitted data will be removed from our servers, ensuring your data remains secure.

Note: We will convert only 50KB size of file.

PDF to word conversion tool – 100% free PDF converter

PDF to word conversion tool at is a 100% fee tool that helps to convert PDF file into word document. So many websites in online for conversion service, but they may charge certain amount. But, as said is a free online website that helps in conversion of PDF to word document without any difficult and the conversion process just takes few minutes.

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