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PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics and its file extension is PNG. It is a raster graphics file format, which supports lossless data compression. It was created as an improved and non-patented replacement version for Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). It was developed by PNG Development Group, which was donated to World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and it was released in the year 1996.

ICO is a graphics file format for computer icons in Microsoft Windows. This file format was first introduced in the year 1985 for windows 1. It is developed and maintained by Microsoft. ICO files are used to store programs, files, and folders. It has two bitmaps in it, the AND bitmap which is known as the image mask and the XOR bitmap that contains the icon which is mapped onto the image mask. ICO files are also used to store small website logo which appears in the address bar.

The best way to convert your PNG to ICO 

Using online converter is one of the best ways to converter your PNG to ICO without risk. This particular online converter helps you to do your work with ease. Click on the upload button and upload your PNG file and click on the convert button. Your converted file will be displayed on the screen. And now click on the download button to download the file to your computer.

Convert PNG to ICO online

Using converter software’s has so many risk factors like virus ads hacking etc. And it is also time-consuming and needs a lot of space to save converter software. Here we provide you the best and easy way to convert your PNG to ICO. Use this online convert and can do you work within no time.

Why should I convert?

PNG files are mainly used for non- realistic images like animation, cartoons, etc. PNG file has large bit size when compared to other file formats. PNG files are not supported in all web browsers. PNG file format for images whereas ICO file a tiny image, which is used for icon labels and as logos for websites in the address bar. By converting the PNG to ICO you can have customized icon labels. ICO files are compatible with windows for other operating systems you need to install plug-ins. 

The safe PNG converter

Using online converter is never been safe but this particular online converter is safe and easy to use. We don’t ask for any authorization of your file. We make sure that your file and information in it is secure. We can use this online converter on any computer with a good Internet connection.