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PPT is presentation program developed by Microsoft. It is known as Microsoft PowerPoint and its file extension is PPT. Robert Gaskins and Dennis Austin created it at a software company named Forethought, Inc. Initially, it was released in the year 1987 for Macintosh computers only. Later Microsoft purchased PowerPoint for $ 14 million. In the year 1990 Microsoft has the released Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows operating system. It is one of the most used presentation programs and we can easily identify its trademark orange color and P in the logo. PPT is a file extension of Microsoft PowerPoint older versions from 1997 to 2003.

PPM stands for Portable Pixmap Format and its file extension is PPM. It is an image file format specially designed to easily exchange images between different platforms. It is a 24-bit color image formatted using a text format. It uses an uncompressed and inefficient format when compared to other image formats. PPM can store pixel ranging from 0 to 65536. It is a high quality image format that stores image height, width, and white space data with maximum color value.

The best way to convert your PPT to PPM 

Using online converter is one of the best ways to converter your PPT to PPM without risk and saves your time too. This particular online converter helps you to do your work with ease. Click on the upload button and upload your PPT file and click on the convert button. Your converted file will be displayed on the screen. And now click on the download button to download the file to your computer.

Convert PPT to PPM online

Installing converter software’s on your computer has so many drawbacks like virus ads hacking etc. And it is also time-consuming and needs a lot of space to save converter software. Here we provide you the best and easy way to convert your PPT to PPM. Use this online convert and can do you work within no time.

Why should I convert?

In PPT we can include images, audio, video, Gif, and text. It is easy to create or modify the presentation using the PowerPoint. We can easily create color full and attractive designs with simple templates and themes.  PPM is an image format with high pixel quality. PPT file, when converted into PPM, can be easily accessible on any device. We don’t need any supporting tools to open PPT files. 

The safe PPT converter

Using online converter is never been safe but this particular online converter is safe and easy to use. We don’t ask for any authorization of your file. We make sure that your file and information in it is secure. We can use this online converter on any computer with a good Internet connection.