Convert TGZ to ZIP

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TGZ is the file extension of TAR archive compressed using Gnu Zip (Gzip) software. TAR archive files are generally a bundle of files compressed together using Gnu Zip (Gzip). This software is used to reduce hard disk space or decrease bandwidth size to upload/download on the Internet. TGZ files are mostly used for storing software installers on Unix-based operating systems.

ZIP is a compressed file in Archive file format, which supports lossless data compression. Phil Katz developed it in the year 1989 and it is used in PKZIP utility developed by PKWARE, Inc.  ZIP format is one of the most popular compression formats for Windows operating system and WinZip is one of the popular compression utilities. ZIP 6.3.4 is the latest version released in the year 2014.

The best way to convert your TGZ to ZIP

The best way to converting your files is using this particular online converter. You can convert your file easily and it is accessible on all computers. Click on the upload button and upload your file and click on the convert button. Your converted file will be displayed on the screen. And now click on the download button to download the file to your computer.

Convert TGZ to ZIP online

Converting files are always a time taking process and for converting files we need special plug-ins or software to be installed on your computers.  And installing such programs is time-consuming and needs a lot of space to save converter software. But using this online convert can do you work within no time and you can also save a lot of space on your computer.

Why should I convert?

TZG file Extension is similar to TAR file extension but the compression process is different. TZG files are compressed using Gnu Zip (Gzip). On LINUX operating system there are built in software to open this TAR files. On windows to open TAR file we need a special supporting tool like Bit Zipper. ZIP files are compatible with UNIX and Windows operating systems and we don’t need any supporting tools for creating and opening the ZIP files.

The safe TGZ converter

Using online converter is never been safe but this particular online converter is safe and easy to use. We don’t obtain any access rights to your file. We make sure that your file and information in it is secure. You can use this online converter on any computer with a good Internet connection.