Convert WMV to MP4

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WMV file stands for windows media video developed by Microsoft for windows and its file extension is WMV. WMV is the part of windows media framework. WMV is specially designed for Internet streaming as a competitor for RealVideo.  The first version on WMV was developed in the year 1991 and WMV 9 was developed in the year 2003 but it is officially approved in March 2006. WMV file is compressed using one or more of Microsoft’s video compression formats.

The official name MP4 is MPEG-4 part 14 files and due to its file extension is called as MP4. MP4 is a file format created by Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG). MP4 is basically designed to store video and audio as a multimedia container format, it is also used to store other data such as subtitles, still images and text. The MP4 is largely replacing earlier multimedia file formats.

The best way to convert your WMV to MP4

It is very easy and flexible to use this converter. Just upload your file from hard drive storage in the dialogue box and click on convert button. Your converted MP4 will be displayed on the screen and you can save the file easily by clicking on the download button

Convert WMV to MP4 online

Using converting software has many problems like virus, ads etc. And it is time-consuming and installing software also takes large space on your computer. But you don’t need to worry about the above factors when you use this online converter. Using this online converter just in few steps you can convert your file into MP4.

Why should I convert?

WMV file is only compatible with Windows operating system. WMV files are smallest video formats some applications cannot run such tiny size videos of WMV files. Video sharing or upload on the Internet takes a lot of time. For the non-windows user, it is difficult to edit WMV files. You can use this convert and convert WMV file into MP4. MP4 files are supported by all operating systems.

The safe WMV converter

We don’t acquire any authorization rights of your files. And we assure all the information in the file is safer. This online WMV converter is safer and easy to use and accessible in all the computers with Internet connection.